Boomers Rule !!!
This site is dedicated to the Baby Boomer generation. Yeah, I know, we're getting old. But hey, we gave the world some of the most interesting sights, sounds, fashion, culture, you name it we tried it, (not all good but not all bad either). Our fathers came home from the War, the country was in rebuild mode, everyone had jobs
and rock 'n roll was just starting. It was a great time to be alive in the 50's. Think "Grease" !!
Poodle Skirts
Growing up in the 50's
What Mom's wore under their dresses. My Mom had a rubber
one. One day she was walking down the street and the side
gave way. It snapped off her like a rubber band, she looked
down, looked around and walked away leaving the horrible
thing laying on the sidewalk.
I never owned a Poodle skirt back in the day but I well remember the big itchy nylon petticoats
we wore under all those full cotton skirts. Mine
was always hanging 3" below the skirt.
We wore "Pedal Pushers" in those
days. Now they've recycled the
style and call them "cropped".
Hmmmph.. Copy cats.
I had alot of saddle shoes in early
grammer school but mine were
all white. My Mom would polish
them faithfully every night for school.
Bobby pins and brush rollers. Ouch! I slept on these
nasty things for years and years. In fact, I still sleep
with my arm under my cheek and I haven't owned a
brush roller for at least 35 years.
This would have been
a Bobby Pinned style.
Note the Frankenstein
bangs. Very popular
with my mother.
Back in the day when you had to
wear dresses to school. Mine came
from Montgomery Ward Co. laid away
in the Summer until school started.
Nobody I knew owned an
"Itsby Bitsy Teeny Weenie
Yellow Polka Dot Bikini".
Oooh! Mink collars.
Animal activists be
damned in the 50's.
Pop beads. Plastic beads
that you would pull apart bead
by bead to shorten or lengthen.
Mine were conservative white.
The lovely 50's undergarment.
How would you like to spent
the day in the monster?
Mrs. Cleaver, Beaver's Mom in
her "housewife ware" in the 50's. Note earrings and pearls worn while cooking.

I wear sweat pants or shorts and a T-shirt when I cook. I don't ever remember owning
an apron but my Mom did.
Going down to 6th Avenue records in
Portland for a new '45.
Those old jukeboxes at
your table at the soda shop
The all night movies dawn to dusk
in Winston, Oregon at the drive in. $5.00 carload.
1st Bike. Western Flyer from the
Western Auto Store. Cost $44.00
and was way too tall at 24".
Mine was cream & green, later
painted Pink & White.
One of only 3 or 4 cars I remember
my Dad driving in the old days. Ours
looked just like this....
Lamp w/ cigarette lighter in the phone mouthpiece. We had this exact same one.
One Aunt had pink, another
had a turquoise blue one.
Ours was white & I don't think anyone ever used the lighter.
It set on my Mom's TV for years.
Those ugly old blonde
furniture pieces. Yuck !!
My most prized possession as a kid. Stuart plastic horses.
I had a huge collection purchased at a local grocery store
(or wherever I could find them). Cost for one
horse, a cowboy, saddle and bridle 49 cents.
Selling on Ebay (just the horse
alone at this writing $15.00.

Also got a Hartland Roy Rogers & Trigger
for Christmas when I was 6 years old. I can
still smell the plastic looking at this picture !!

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The Mickey Mouse Club. We all
wanted to be Annette.
My favorite TV show - "Fury"
American Bandstand. We learned how
to do all those crazy dances.