The 1970's learning to be an adult
Waterbeds. A pain to move and when the heater
broke you didn't realize it until about the 3rd day
when you woke up freezing. We thought they
were "groovy".
Hippies in full swing in the early 70's. Ugh !!
Disco. Well, that didn't last long. The clothes were
high polyester. Those suits !! Yuck !!
Those loud men's shirts with the
huge collars, a 'goin' to the Disco.
The "Afro". The $100.00 perm.
The Farrah hair. Very popular.
My version - 1978.
New Invention. The Infant Seat. We
carried our babies everywhere in these
things. Just sat them down on the back
seat of the car or hold them in your lap,
or sit it on the table at a restaurant.
Disco dress - typical of the girls
I know who actually went to a Disco.
Rowan & Marin's laugh-in ended in 1973. We laughed at Henry Gibson and Ruth Buzzi and
watched Goldie Hawn sock it to them in her bikinis. Who would have ever though she would have such a long career?
The 8 track tape player and the 8 track storage box for your car. My favorite was Frampton Comes Alive. What sucked was when the tape broke inside the player and you could not get the broken tape out ever again !
LINK Watch a Radio Shack commercial here for those 8 track players.
When leisure and pants suits were
cool and POLYESTER !!!!
My polyester pants suit
early 70's.

1. Dodge Challenger 2. Corvette 3. Mustang 4. Camaro

1973 CARS

Miss those muscle cars
1970's mini dress
2010 mini dress
Short skirts before the thong
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