The 80's
Cherokee platform sandals.
My all time favorites
Candies mules with the
wood heels. Loved them !!
Sibbica jutes. Everyone
had at least one pair.
Ugh ! The Mullet !!
The Swatch
The Big Hair
Acid Washed Jeans
Here come the $100 sneakers !!
Computers & video games challenged the boomers in the 80's. Our kids could
slaughter us on Nintendo and very few people owned a home computer.
Home buying in the 80's,
18-19% interest rates !!
Fortunately, most of us
had established careers
Avg wage 1980 - $9,309
Avg wage 2010 - $37,000
1980 Corvette
Cost New $14,325
Cost 2011 - $46,000-$60,00
Heavy Metal, glam rock,
hair bands.
Tom Cruise, Rob Lowe, Val
Kilmer et al, in the movies.
We had to watch to find out who shot J.R. (It was Kristin)
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