1963 - Z06
This car was owned for many years by a close friend of our
family. Recently (2014) I became interested in the history of
the car after finding out it was one of the very first Z06 Corvettes
that was a part of an exclusive Chevrolet Racing Program.
This is a photo of what the car looked like in September, 1962
when Bob Bondurant, Dave McDonald and his wife and Jerry
Grant went to the St. Louis factory to pick up this brand new
1963 Corvette Stingray Z06 - factory special and part of
Chevrolet's racing program. This car was sponsored by Allen
Green Chevrolet in Seattle, Washington who had a good relationship
with the factory and was part of this special group.

The teams had approximately two weeks to get the cars ready
to race. The first race was at Dayton, followed two weeks later
by 12 hours of Sebring.
Click here to watch the actual video of the
cars being picked up that day.
327 - 360 HP 0-60mph in 5.9 Seconds
     Window sticker showing factory options:
     Special Performance Package including:
     Metallic Power Brakes with Dual Cylinders
     Heavy Duty Stabilizers
     Heavy Duty Shock absorbers and springs
     36-1/2 Gallon gas Tank
     Quick take off wheels
     Poster Rear Axle
     360 HP V-8 Engine
     670x15 4-Ply Black Wall Tires
     Heater defrost option declined credit
This is how the car ended up in Oregon
Ward Delano and Al Allin of the Grand Rapids, Michigan area in 1966 went to pick up a Lister
from the previous (Stan Bennett) owner, who lived in Oregon. A 1963 Fuel injected Corvette was part of the trade for this car.
#7, #8 - 1963 - Jerry Grant & Don Campbell\

Model year: 1963
Vin Number: 308375100701
Race Nos: #7 and #8
Sponser:: Alan Green Chevrolet - Seattle, WA
Drivers: Jerry Grant, Don Campbell
Status: In Private Collection

Original Color: White
Tires/Whees: 5.5 x 15 steel
Engine: 327/360 Fuel Injection
Driveline: ZO-6, Big Tank
Interior: Black
Condition: Preserved

Unique Characteristcis: One of four 1963 ZO6's that raced the original
LA Times, Riverside Gran Prix October 13, 1962. It was a DNF due to
engine failure.

Alan Green car number 7 competed at Daytona and Sebring February17 and March 21, 1963. Jerry Grant and Don Campbell finished in 30th OA at Sebing and did not finish the American Challenge Cup race February 16, 1963 or the Second Annual Continental race on February 17, 1963 at Daytona. Car was raced at Kent, Washington July, 1963 and Laguna Seca in Northern California in September, 1953.

Now owned by Eric Gill in Florida, awaiting restoration
An Ad to sell Car #7
     I found the results of the 1963 Sebring race on a Website online that was a tribute to Jerry Grant
I hope our friend who owned the car for years in the Pacific Northwest will be able to supply some photos of
the car after it was painted green, autocrossed and road raced..