My daughter was given a couple of bracelets back in 2011 handmade by a co-worker. We decided to try making a
few for ourselves and I became obsessed with it.
hobbies001059.jpg hobbies001058.jpg
Wow, my earliest bracelets survived three
years with no tarnish in these bags.
February Birthstone Bracelet
Nice part about making your own is you can make matching
 sets of bracelets, earrings and necklaces.
hobbies001057.jpg hobbies001056.jpg
I made alot of these bracelets with the silver
tubes but after making 50 plus of them trying
something different.
This bracelet is a copy of the
first one we ever made, a copy of
one a lady gave my daughter.
Still love that crystal look !!
Bracelet you might wear with Camo, or
watching Duck Dynasty !!
Fire Mountain Gems
Shipwreck Beads
With a little organization you can make
your own beading center with little space.
But I have run out of room now.
I love this color !!
Smokey Quartz beads & Olive Green crystals
Four black, white & Grey beads hanging
around I looked at for three years and
finally decided to do something with them
Heavy metal - weighs quite alot
I really like these roped bead caps
First Tube bracelet I have made in awhile
July 4th Celebration Bracelet
Pastel Pearl tube bracelet
99 cent beads from Michael's
All clear crystals
Would be a good one to wear
with a Wedding dress perhaps
I had these two smooth agate turquoisy looking
pieces forever and finally was able to scrounge
up enough complimentary things to make this.
Purple isn't my favorite color
but found these on sale at
Joanne Fabrics & liked them
hobbies001049.jpg hobbies001048.jpg hobbies001047.jpg
i bought this one to learn how to make one just like it and the green & red one next are my copies..

This is one of
the first ones
we made
I always like this
one, the focal point
is that leopard cabachon.
So simple & light weight too.
Learning how to use Memory Wire 1st time 9/13/2014
Created with top drilled drop crystals
hobbies001045.jpg hobbies001044.jpg
Swavorski Crystal Bicones are awesome looking.
Copper Beaded Watch
Finally found these
larger silver tubes
in Astoria, Or. on
I could never find them again so I bought out half
their supply over the phone.
First attempt at watch making
Purple & Antique Silver Beaded Watch
This might be my favorite bracelet EVER !!! And I don't even like purple. I sent it to my daughter and she loves it too.

Click on photo for enlarge image
Twin pearls - opposites
hobbies001038.jpg hobbies001037.jpg hobbies001035.jpg hobbies001034.jpg hobbies001032.jpg hobbies001031.jpg hobbies001030.jpg hobbies001029.jpg hobbies001028.jpg hobbies001027.jpg hobbies001026.jpg hobbies001025.jpg hobbies001024.jpg hobbies001023.jpg hobbies001022.jpg hobbies001021.jpg
Yellow agates
hobbies001020.jpg hobbies001019.jpg hobbies001018.jpg hobbies001017.jpg hobbies001016.jpg hobbies001015.jpg hobbies001014.jpg hobbies001013.jpg
This took 5 hours to make. Ugh !!
I made the Black & White Beads and the black tubes
I made all the beads here except the green ones
Beaded Bracelets - Dec. 30. 2014
Hand Made Beads
more Cane practice
Hand Made Beads
practicing Cane technique
My Favorite Color - Yellow
Odd Beads from Joanne Fabrics
The spotty beads took several hours to make. I especially like the copper elements for the one on the right, a few pieces I had laying around for 3 years and a nice surprise when I found them in a box yesterday !!
Pale yellow & simple