Polymer Clay
I made alot of these bracelets with the silver
tubes but after making 50 plus of them trying
something different.
This bracelet is a copy of the
first one we ever made, a copy of
one a lady gave my daughter.
Still love that crystal look !!
Finally found these
larger silver tubes
in Astoria, Or. on
Twin pearls - opposites
I started playing around with Polymer Clay in
December, 2014 - first to try to make some
interesting beads I saw on Youtube

After making a few beads I got bored with
rolling round beads so decided to try to
learn to make other things, figures.
Very Tiny
The Pack early on
This is a learning experience. And it's hard. If you decide to try this yourself start by using
Premo clay. It is harder a clay than Fimo or Sculpey clays and easier to make smooth beads or
figures. I started out with the softer clays and once I discovered Premo it became alot easier
to make things that are smoother. There are alot of Youtube tutorials to help along the way.
Joanne Fabrics sells Premo Accent (highly recommended). Do not buy Walmart's cheap
polymer clay, it's far too soft for begginers to work with. Also, you will need a wide variety
of tools, a pasta machine to condition the clay and a hard surface to work on. I bought a
$4.99 one foot square of Granite at Home Depot which works great. I expect this will be
a very long process util you learn tricks to make your pieces look professional. Mine do not,
but this was started as a form of entertainment and is challenge enough to keep my interest.
Pittsburgh Steelers Bracelet
Pittsburgh Penguins Bracelet
Mni Cabbage Patch Kid
Frozen Girls
Granddaughter's Wheely Bug
Hello Kitty
This is the 1st thing I made
This bracelet has some special meaning to me. The reason I startedworking with clay in the first plae was because I could not find a parrot charm to make a lady a bracelet who is a big parrot enthusiast in Canada. So I decided that I would try to making a charm myself out of polymer clay, though I never tried it. Obviously have become obsessed. I made all of the above to practice so I could make this tiny bird.
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First attempt at making a horse.
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Trying to perfect Eyes !!
Rottweiler Puppy
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First cow
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Fire Mountain
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Buddy the Elf
1964 Beatle
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