Meet SOX
Sock Monkey with Attitude
This is "Sox" who ungraciously resides on my bed.
Sox doesn't talk, at least not in English. You see
Sox came from China in a box and was adopted
by Walmart. Walmart decided that because Sox
had such an attitude they would allow me to rehome
him for a reasonable "rehoming fee".

Sox was stored out in the garage in a box for the
last couple of years until I was rooting around for
something else and discovered him. I took pity
on the poor guy and brought him into my room.

Sox has a thing about box jail and now he has a big
time attitude towards me, a leftover from his China
to Walmart days I suppose.
He spends some time sleeping on the bed but mostly he sits propped
up on the pillows waiting for me to come into the room so that he can
let me know that he is still holding a grudge for all that time in the box.
As you can see, he gets bored, expects me to be his entertainment
director I suppose. What? Want to borrow the car, get on Facebook?
Yeah, right ! He says, "You expect me to sit here on this bed all day
everyday and do nothing? For God's sake at least bring me a banana !!
Trying to explain that he is a sock monkey does no good, he just
doesn't want to hear it.
Sometimes he gives me that "F you" sign when he is having a particularly bad day.
He tries to grab my attention by raising his hand like he is in first grade.
He wet the bed the other day and I had to give him a good scolding for that.
I got the "Oh, poor me" act, an often repeated behavior from him.
If that doesn't work try to act real innocent, Sox. Better luck next time, buddy !!
I discovered Sox was a boy sock monkey (Photo withheld) recently and I told
him from now on he has to hide his eyes when I undress.
Sox has been watching the TV in
my room, I think the characters
on some shows he watches
have a big influence on him.
Sox wants to start his own singing group,
but c'mon, Sox, let's not go here !!