Almost impossible to describe how
HUGE these are in person
Seattle trip - September, 2010
The purpose of this trip was to go to Bremerton to
see the moth balled fleet of Aircraft Carriers, particularly
the USS Ranger as shown on the top of the photo below.
They wanted to save the ship and bring it to Portland,
Oregon as a museum but at this time looks like she
will be scrapped. How sad !!
USS Ranger
USS Constellation
USS Kitty Hawk
USS Independence
A strange coincidence, my ex
husband and his best friend
were both in the Navy at the
same time, one on the Ranger
and the other on the Constellation
during the Viet Nam War and
here they are now, parked
side by side, two old warhorses
retired from battle.
USS Independence
Mothballed super carriers
The end of an era
History of the USS Ranger
USS Constellation History
Video - Tour Ranger in Bremerton
USS Kitty Hawk Veterans Assoc.
USS Independence History
Mt. Rainer towers over Seattle
Ferry Boats in abundance in Seattle
Pacific Fishermen's Marina, Ballard, Washington
Home of Deadliest Catch boats Northwestern and The Wizard
The carriers are parked right next to the road in what appears to be shallow water. You can walk almost right up to the Independence but the other three are blocked off and you can only really see part of the Kitty Hawk and pretty much all of the Independence. I was dissapointed but the Independence and the Ranger look very much alike so you get some idea of what the Ranger is like close up. The Kitty Hawk was being maintained in readiness when we were there while the Ranger and the Independence were left to rust away.

Last I read all four carriers are to be dismantled and scrapped as of July, 2014.
Lunch at Salty's Alki Beach in Seattle.
View of harbor was amazing. I never
noticed Mt. Rainier was behind us at the time.
Seattle skyline from Alki Beach.
The black one is The Columbia
Center, 937' tall, 76 floors.
Seattle's tallest buildings.
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Salty's Restaurant