Our Dogs
Cookie is a 9# (approximate) Toy Poodle, (parti colored tuxedo). We bought Cookie on Craigs
List on Dec. 21, 2013. The ad said she was a tea cup but definitely not, she is toy sized. Her
1st birthday was January 20, 2014 so she was not quite one year old.

The people who sold her to us did not give a reason why they were selling her but we suspected
they needed the money. They said they had two labs in addition to Cookie. We wondered if
Cookie had ever been outside because she was very leary of walking in the grass. Cookie is
a great dog, very friendly, definitely house broke, smart and loves to cuddle.
I was able to find
pics of Cookie's
Mom & Dad.

Rosie is a chihuahua we got from Pets without Partners Rescue on August 20, 2016. We have no
idea what her age is, estimated around 2 years old. Rosie weighs somewhere around 5 lbs, a very petite Deer Head Chihuahua. She is very tiny, even compared to Cookie.

Rosie was found running the streets in Bakersfield, CA. in January of 2016. She gave birth to three
puppies in the car on the way to the Shelter, spent a short while in a foster home in that area and then trucked to a foster home in Redding, Ca. After the puppies were weaned she was put up for adoption on April 2, 2016. That lady brought her back to Pets without Partners the very day we adopted her at
Petsmart Adoption event. Lucky Rosie and lucky us.

I was concerned about getting a Chihuahua, wondering if she would be snappy and possessive.
Fortunately she is none of those things. Rosie is very affectionate and House Broke, another
issue some people have with Chihuahua.

She loves to burrow in a blanket and I found a dog type sleeping bag (pictured) that she spends most of the day in. Like Cookie, Rosie does not like walking on grass but she is learning.

I spend a good part of my day letting these two in and out for bathroom breaks. Guess that's why
we have had such good luck with the house breaking.