This page is dedicated to my ex-husband's 1963 Corvette.
We had so many many years and many good memories with
 this car. I believe he loved this car more than he loved me.
 The car (white and blue) has found a new home and the new owner
seems to be as dedicated to Lulubelle as my ex-husband was.
She has gone through many changes but has survived to race on.
The Auto Cross days and some great weekends with Columbia Corvette Club.
Sometimes we went to three or more autocrosses in one day.
I only drove in one or two of those because I did not know how to drive
a standard shift car at the time and would put it in one gear and go, no
matter how high the RPMS were. One time in Longview, Washington I
very clearly recall the tach say over 8,000 RPM. That was the end
of my Auto Crossing career. My only other one I spun out and got the
gag trophy, The Heather Pebble Award, for the day, all in good fun of course.
Taken in early 1970's. Lulubelle was painted
dark blue and extreme body work done to
accomodate big race tires. Going road
This work was completed in the tiny
 little rented house with a one car garage.
The interior was taken and used to refurbish a '63 look alike Corvette we bought for me to drive on the street. We did recycling before recycling was cool !!
Early days of road racing. Note the contact
paper numbers on the car. Thank you to
Oregon Conference of Sports Car Clubs
for fun weekends.
Car that received
Finally got a painted on number
A winter spent making
big fender wells. I was
a Corvette widow during
this period.
Moved to get a bigger garage. Car painted, more body work and note: More contact paper numbers.
Pit crews & friends
More pit crew.
RIP Nancy, the nicest
person I ever knew.
Our friend, Ray, who we have known and loved for more than 50 years.
Our daughter at the races, she just not born yet.
Wax on, wax off, here
I am doing my duty.
"That there's an ARRVEE, Clark! This thing was stinky and no brakes.
Me, taking a break on race day.
Uh oh, crash at SIR
Delta Park, Portland, Oregon.
Back in the building
 for some repairs.

Yellow car was competition
for year end A/SR title. We won !!
Hard to beat horsepower.
It's called flat spotting, Beulah.
Note new rear spoiler added.
Happy 50th Anniversary
Vintage Race - Monterey, CA 2013
Steve (left) with Johnny Parsons, Jr. Summer 2014
Youtube Video Indianpolis Race - Interview with Steve
Johnny Parsons at Indianapolis Vintage Race 2014
Steve interview at Indy - watch below
Historic car race at Indianapolis, July 2014. Out of 700 cars Steve and Lulubelle were chosen to
run in the Pro/Am race with Steve's co-driver, Johnny Parsons, Jr. I was told by Steve this was one
of the most thrilling things in his life. Thanks to Lulubelle for a wonderful memory for Steve.