Dayton, Ohio - U.S. Airforce Museum Trip
I've always loved military aircraft. When I heard they had a SR-71 Blackbird I was anxious to go take a look. This is
an awesome place to visit. I would really love to go again, this time with a better camera. The pictures are a little
dark because the lighting inside the building isn't all that great. Also, digital cameras weren't as far advanced several
years ago when we drove to Ohio to visit the Museum.
Here it is. I didn't take this picture, mine were too dark, but
this was taken at the Museum. Awesome.
Thunderbirds team plane.
C-47, the plane that carried the paratroopers into
Normandy on D-Day. I was surprised how small
they looked in person.
Paratrooper Gear
Jimmy Stewart was a WWII pilot.
"Fat Man" replica of the atomic
bomb dropped on Nagasaki.
B-2. One of the most impressive
things you'll ever see.
SR-71. Very fast and very
long and lean.
Stealth. I thought it looked like a bunch of sheet metal tacked together. See image below
One very large missle.
A real, used space capsule.
This is what the astrochimp Ham wore into space
B-29. Enola Gay type bomber. Huge
View of some of the planes from above. What a show. You can spend all day here.
August 8, 2004