Our trip to The Big Valley (Belleville, PA)
This is one of the places we like to visit. It's beautiful in this region and home to several
different groups of Amish. There's usually a good restaurant nearby that serves up
Pennsylvania Dutch food. We visited on a Sunday which must have been church day
because there were alot of buggies traveling the local roads.
Fall Foliage near Kulpmont, PA.
Photo taken October 19, 2008
Crossing the Susquehanna River at
Shamokin Dam.
More Fall Foliage, this on Route 322
heading toward Lewisburg, PA.
Byler Amish. The Yellow buggies make
them unusual.
Church day at a member's home for the Byler Amish group.
Peachy or Renno Amish. They have black buggies.
The Nebraska Amish are the most conservative. Their buggies have a white canvas top and are painted brown.
Amish Farmland in The Big Valley
Open Black Single Seater Buggies.
This buggy was sitting in a lot with several others of
various colors. Either a used buggy shop or in for
Nebraska Amish buggy going down Route 80
not far from Belleville, PA. This seems to be the
area where most of this group lives.