Here is something I didn't know about. Across the water from the Pop Century are a group of buildings that were never completed. The one on the right was supposed to be years 2000+ and the one on the left were years earlier than the 1950"s. Supposedly after 9/11 attendance was down so they never completed construction. I thought they looked almost spooky sitting abandoned with all the colorful decor at Pop Century. It was hazy the morning I took these pics which added to the mystique. CLICK BELOW TO SEE VIDEO I FOUND ON UTUBE.
Walt Disney World Florida Trip
For Mickey's Not So Scarey Halloween Party
Cinderella's Castle at night.
My granddaughter driving the ECV. Her job was mainly to blow the horn.... She
did an excellent job !
Inside the Sci-Fi Diner. A great place for lunch at Walt Disney Studios.
September, 2008
Our 6th trip to Walt Disney World
in as many years. The weather
in September is "Hot" and "Humid".
Thunderstorms are nearly an every-
day occurance. This is hurricane
season in Florida. We dodged Ike
but my daughter had to stay an extra
2 days for delayed flights.

However, the crowds in September
were non-existant. Walking on the
rides was fantastic. So, if you can
handle the heat try the 2nd week of
September or later.
We stayed at the Pop Century Resort but here is part of the Pop Century you don't hear about:
The most fun I saw small children have
was dancing to the German band in
Germany at Epcot. The food is awesome
Watch UTube Video
Disney All Decked out for Trick or Treat Night
Goodbye WDW - until next year !!!!!!