Beautiful Oregon
Beach, Shore, Mountains, Desert
 (It's all there to see in Oregon)
In Oregon we go to the beach, in Pennsylvania the shore. I can't remember in all the years I went to
the Beach in Oregon it wasn't freezing cold and windy, but it's very pretty.
Mt Hood
Mt. Hood, taken during the late Summer. Not much snow left.
Timberline ski lodge at Mt. Hood.
Crater Lake
And yes, it is really this blue. You cannot describe the beauty of this place.
Central Oregon
Blue Basin Fossil Beds near John Day, Oregon. The rock formations are a pale
shade of green, much more so than shows in this photgraph.
Also in the John Day, Oregon area. I've never seen anything lilke this. They say it was
the winds that created these round rolling hills of colorful layers of rock.
Mt Hood from downtown Portland